OKINA KASHI NO RYU
          (Great Oak Style)

Welcome - My name is Sensei Donald Palko founder or Soke of the Okina Kashi no Ryu translated as the Great Oak Style of Karate and the Founder and Chief Instructor of Gales Ferry Karate now renamed as Great Oak Karate that serves as our homebu or home school in our new location.
We also have instructors in Youngstown OH; Sharon, PA area and Worcester, MA. We are a small but growing style, if you would like to find out how to become certified as an instructor please contact me at macenters@yahoo.com

We hope that both Sensei and Students find the information here useful and informative. 

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This website is the beginnings of what we hope to be something special and please be patient if you encounter missing links or old data as we are still in the beginning stages of website development.


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